"How Far I'll Go" - Special Piano Trio for Down Syndrome Awareness

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Cambria, Joby, and Kiley's story

Cambria (age 16) and Joby (age 16) have been best friends since they were little girls.  Their moms are also best friends with Kiley (age 17)'s mom.  All three girls live outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Cambria and Joby both currently take piano lessons, and Kiley learned to play piano just for this video!

Cambria, Joby, and Kiley are all blessed to have incredible families who love and support them.  See below for a video interview with their mothers about how they feel having a child with special needs.

How did this video come about?

After the success of his "UP in Real Life" video featuring his grandparents, pianist Jason Lyle Black wanted to create another real-life story to Disney music that would touch hearts around the world.  He was particularly inspired by the idea of showcasing people with special needs performing incredible music at the piano.  As such, he decided to produce a video with a Down syndrome trio, and set out to plan a story for the video.

Over the next two years, in between heavy tour commitments and the release of his #1-charting album, Piano Preludes, Jason eventually developed the simple yet heartwarming story of this video, showing the girls each coming together to join the others at the piano, while showcasing their childhood years through family photos.  Jason found the girls through an online "casting call" for pianists from the Down syndrome community.  He now considers each of the girls and their families to be close personal friends and is very grateful for the opportunity to work with them on such a beautiful project.

See to the right for a special interview with Cami, Joby, and Kiley's moms about having a child with special needs.  These are amazing women!

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